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Are you looking for a partner who can manage your HR across multiple locations throughout the UK, Europe and internationally?  Need help with urgent recruitment from a partner who knows your business and culture to find you the right fit – and fast? Perhaps you want to outsource your HR and payroll activities to one Trusted Partner?

These are a handful of the common issues faced by our clients and just some of the ways we have added value, reduced cost and streamlined the efficiencies of their extended HR functions.

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Working with our client for a bespoke solution
Vero HR was first retained in 2014 to provide support under its “Bronze” package, equivalent to the modern day “Vero Partner” model.  At that time, the client had no inhouse HR function, and Vero HR provided light-touch HR support around a number of employee relations issues.
Sector: Media & Publishing
Vero Services: HR, Recruitment, Technology, Payroll
bespoke hr software
Building a trusted partner relationship with our client
The relationship began in June 2008 following a referral from a shared professional connection.  At that time, the Client had just relocated their operations.  Here, they fell victim of the single-point-of-failure risk as their Office Manager, who also looked after their HR, chose not to relocate, leaving the business with no HR coverage.
Sector: Media & Publishing
Vero Services: HR, Recruitment, Technology, Payroll
employees meeting with HR to discuss work
Delivering financial efficiencies through outsourcing
At the point of first engagement in 2022, the client had a full-time, in-house HR Advisor who completed the day-to-day administrative tasks and was able to handle some of the basic employee relations activity.  However, they lacked the knowledge and experience to provide high-level support or work on the HR strategy for the business.  This related to a total direct employment cost of £35,000 a year for their HR Advisor plus additional costs in HR consulting and outsourcing support to handle their more complex case work.
Sector: Manufacturing
Vero Services: HR, Payroll, Health & Safety
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