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Vero Pay is certainly not your traditional third-party payroll provider. We provide the same comprehensive service you would expect from an in-house payroll service – but in a more cost-effective way. Working closely with the HR team, Vero Pay also leverages the benefits of integrated, self-service technology too.

Vero Pay is a Bacs Approved Bureau, having passed Bacs’ stringent audit requirements, giving you peace of mind that our payroll service meets the highest standards for payroll processing.

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Service and benefits

Vero Pay

  • A fully managed payroll service, from payroll processing to pensions management
  • A dedicated Payroll professional with the contingency of a support payroll professional too
  • All year-round access for your finance lead
  • Full integration with our self-service HR system avoiding duplication of data entry and seamless dataflow
  • Close working relationships with our HR team for accurate and timely communication
  • Accessible to employees for payroll queries – saving your finance contact time
  • Management of payments on your behalf, if you wish
  • HMRC Agent status
  • Fixed fee per employee
  • Bacs file upload, direct from your bank account.

How can we help you?

Outsourced Payroll FAQs

The way we do it is very similar to having an in-house payroll person but with the backup of the team to cover absence or leavers. For clients that also use our HR software platform, there is minimal involvement from the client as we integrate our payroll software with our HR system to provide details of changes. You of course maintain complete control and authorize payrolls before payment is made, but the simplest way to view it is that just about everything you do to process a payroll, we do – just from another site. 

A managed payroll service is an outsourced service by another name.  All your payroll details are processed from your information.  Pension assessments too.  Tax codes changes can be provided direct to the payroll service from HMRC as we operate with HMRC Agent status with your approval.  All RTI communications are sent on your behalf.  As we are one of a small number of Bacs Approved Bureaus in the UK we can manage securely Bacs payments for salaries, HMRC and pension providers, if required.  We will also manage the administration of pension details through your providers website too.

We think so. We have a wide knowledge of different sectors: private, public and not for profit. We have the knowledge that goes with running large complex payrolls and pension schemes, for example, the public and educational sectors.

For most clients, we do the setup free of charge.

This is dependent on the size and complexity of your business and at what point during the tax year you would transfer/ commence.  We approach all payroll transfers with our project management methodology to make sure there is a seamless transition to our service. We will also do trial runs prior to a first live run.

No. We can take on payrolls at any point in the year.

Yes. We have many clients that we provide such a service for.

We offer an integrated HR and Payroll software solution which gives employees, through the self service functionality, the ability (subject to HR authorization) to update personal details about themselves. We also use technology to capture data in our intelligent e-forms for new hires and automate the upload of this. Our digital solution minimizes the risk of keying errors through the use of intelligent form field validation for things such as bank account details.

Self-Service simply means that employees and managers can input certain information at source, subject of course to any changes being approved by a HR resource for upload to the system. A good system will allow an employee to update their address, bank details and other personal information by a secure app on their mobile phone. Self-service also means that documents can be accessed by employees on their mobile, computer or tablet, such as their payslips and other important payroll documents.

This depends on your requirements. The options available are by email, either password protected or using encrypted software, or they can be uploaded direct to our HR self service system. We can still issue paper payslips if you wish but encourage clients to use the digital options which are more secure and cheaper!

Yes, it is stored on our server and within a secure cloud. To obtain Bacs accredited status, Bacs undertook a rigorous audit on Vero Pay which included a review of our infrastructure and data security. Every team member undertakes training on cyber security, money laundering and GDPR annually.

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