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Our HR Technology is at the heart of what we do. We make digital tools do the work, driving accuracy, compliance and process automation – a genuine paperless service. Our expert team will configure, deploy and develop our cloud-based tech solutions, efficiently and cost effectively for you.

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Service and benefits

Vero Technology

  • Configuration, data migration and implementation of our cloud-based employee/manager HR self-service systems
  • Process automation, E form and approval workflow design
  • Implementation of a range of optional modules including performance management, life cycle management and time management
  • Project management support for other cloud-based systems including integration with our HR software
  • Day to day system enhancements, technical and end user support

How can we help you?

HR Technology FAQs

Cloud HR Technology is the delivery of HR software services through the internet.  By using the cloud, the technology is able to offer access to quality software at significantly less cost than traditional server-based solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Our cloud-based HR technologies allow for a high degree of customisation.  We are able to build your system in a way that not only suits your HR needs, but also meets the needs of other users including payroll, recruitment and day-to-day line managers.

This depends on what modules you require, but you will be surprised just how affordable our solutions are. They are aimed at the small to medium-sized organisation and are priced to match.

Our system is built on a secure cloud-based platform which is vigorously tested on its speed and security through third-party penetration tests.

Cloud-based HR technology provides affordable HR software with comprehensive functionality to enable you to manage your HR compliance and data securely. The self-service functionality for example enables employees to request holidays with ease and for line managers to approve requests without having to worry about recording holidays taken. Cloud-based software takes away many of the routine activities managers have to undertake in their busy working day. The really great thing about cloud-based products is that no servers are required on your premises and data is accessible wherever access to the internet can be found.

Vero Technology specialises in providing a range of cloud-based HR products and frequently undertakes system configuration for clients just requiring an HR system. Our support packages include maintenance and provide the opportunity to add additional functionality as your HR needs evolve.

Contact Vero Technology today and we can talk you through all the available options to integrate your HR and payroll solutions. We have the HR expertise as well as the technology skillsets to make your organisation work.

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