HR Services for Small Businesses

As your small business grows, HR is likely becoming more of a priority. Vero HR offers expert HR support services for small businesses, taking care of everything from creating employee handbooks and recruiting your first employee to training, payroll, and much more.

Getting your HR practices in line early will help you as your business expands. We can streamline your HR processes, cutting admin and automating tasks, freeing up your resources so you can focus on growing your organisation. Our experienced team of HR professionals will discuss exactly what your small business needs and we’ll tailor our services to help your business thrive.

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Service and benefits

HR Services for Small Businesses

HR outsourcing and consultancy
We provide advice and hands-on support for all HR needs such as drafting employment contracts, dealing with grievances and disciplinaries and creating policies and handbooks

Payroll services
We provide a cost-effective, comprehensive payroll service for small businesses, managing every step from payroll processing to pensions administration

HR technology
Use cloud-based HR software for your small business to streamline and simplify HR processes, with a range of optional modules so you can tailor it to your needs

Vero’s in-house recruitment professionals can fill your staff vacancies quickly with culture-matched candidates, finding you the right people to grow your team

Health and safety
We work with your team to maintain a safe working environment, plus give your small business access to other vital health and safety services like occupational health referrals and employee wellbeing services to protect your staff and keep your business compliant

Employment law
Our highly skilled legal team can give expert employment law advice for your small business, covering both UK and international legal matters

Learning and development
When you work with skilled and highly-trained staff, your business can develop and grow; the dedicated learning and development professionals at Vero HR provide a range of L&D needs, from core skills training to management development

HR services for small businesses FAQs

Small businesses can benefit from an HR function just like any other size of business. Whilst there’s no legal obligation for a business of any size to have an HR function, organisations will need to find a way to manage their employment law matters, including hiring and retaining employees, handling leave requests and sickness, health and safety compliance, training and development, payroll and more.

A cost-effective solution is to partner with an HR outsourcing provider, like Vero HR, to help you manage all personnel matters efficiently and accurately as your business grows.


One of the most important HR considerations for a small business is to ensure your organisation is legally compliant. There are various employment laws that your small business will need to adhere to, including drafting accurate and specific employment contracts for your staff and having the required HR policies in place, such as health and safety and grievance policies. Vero HR can help to guide your small business through employment law, minimising compliance risks, not just advising but providing support in those difficult conversations.


The best HR services for a small business will vary depending on the goals and objectives of that business. For small businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, they might benefit most from working with expert recruitment professionals, so they can find the right talent to support that growth. Small businesses that are just starting out might benefit most from gaining professional support in employment law and health and safety, to ensure the business builds on a strong and compliant foundation. Small businesses with a small team might see the most benefit in utilising HR technology, to free up valuable time and resources whilst effectively managing HR admin and processes.

Vero HR will discuss what your business needs to flourish, and we’ll tailor our services to suit your specific requirements.


Technically, yes, you can process your own payroll for a small business. You’ll need to register with the HMRC, agree and keep to pay dates, calculate wages, calculate tax, and calculate and pay any other deductions such as pension or student loan payments. You’ll need to create accurate pay slips and send them to your employees.

Running your own payroll as a small business can be complex and time-consuming. Many small businesses prefer to outsource their payroll to a professional payroll team, as this ensures accuracy across the board and minimises costly errors that can impact employee morale.


To recruit the best talent for your small business, you’ll need to create interesting job posts and advertise them in the right place. You may need to dedicate some time to ensuring your job adverts are seen by the right people, along with conducting thorough interviews.

All of this can be costly and take up a lot of time. Some small businesses might also find that they end up recruiting the wrong people because they didn’t have the time to find the right candidate for the role. Outsourcing your recruitment to an HR service provider like Vero HR can negate these issues. Our in-house recruitment team will be dedicated to finding the right talent for your business and role, and the perfect personality to fit into your team.


Health and safety law applies to all businesses, no matter the size. If you have five or more employees, you are legally required to have a written health and safety policy that is easily available to your staff.

Vero HR can help you to draft and distribute a detailed health and safety policy that’s specific to your business. We can support you in creating a safe working environment for your team and ensure you have the necessary documents in place to meet regulations.

As a small business, retaining your staff is crucial. You want to keep the people who have the right experience, skills, and company loyalty, and minimise the risk of needing to find costly replacements. Employee benefits can be a great way of showing your team how valued they are, but it can be tricky to decide what sort of perks are right for your business to offer whilst keeping within your budget.

Vero HR provides a range of specialist pay and benefits services. Our experts can design cost-effective incentive schemes to help you attract, reward, and retain the best talent. 

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