Working with our client for a bespoke solution

May 15, 2023

Vero HR was first retained in 2014 to provide support under its “Bronze” package, equivalent to the modern day “Vero Partner” model.  At that time, the client had no inhouse HR function, and Vero HR provided light-touch HR support around a number of employee relations issues.

The activity was predominantly reactive problem solving, with Vero HR retained to be on hand for expert professional advice and support for their UK and US based managers.

Following a successful funding round, the client grew significantly and at this point established an in-house HR function to support the expanding business, starting with the appointment of a long-term Interim Head of HR.  This person would concentrate their time on defining what the ongoing structure would look like and the overall HR strategy looking forward.

By the end of 2018, Vero HR had already expanded its service offering to implement the Cezanne HR management system to streamline the HR administration processes across the clients’ workforce through the Vero Technology service.  In April 2019, Vero Payroll was introduced to further maximise the efficiencies of the HR operations, with the added benefit of full integration with their new HR self-service management system.  Vero Payroll would also take on the annual processing of the P11d documents, eliminating the need for any payroll processing activity to be kept in-house.

Vero HR continued to provide HR support on a retained basis to manage the day-to-day employee relations matters, working alongside, but freeing up their Interim Head of HR to concentrate on their strategic objectives around culture and strategy. One such priority was to introduce a formal employee assistance programme, and again, the client turned to Vero HR and one of their trusted suppliers.

Further to this, the client had identified an area of development within their senior management team and engaged Vero to deliver training to both US and UK based colleagues.  In January 2020, Vero HR, under its Learning & Development arm, embarked on a series of in-person training events in London and New York.  The outbreak of Covid-19 just a few months into the delivery schedule halted these sessions and with no desire from the client to deliver virtual training, the Vero team flexed their Time Bank hours to support the business in navigating the changing legislation around furlough and later, flexi-furlough.

Once the HR strategy was defined, it was time for their Interim employee to leave, and in 2020, the client mobilised Vero Recruit to source a permanent Head of HR.  As the in-house HR team grew, it expanded to cover more of the day-to-day employee relations activities Vero HR had previously provided.  Vero HR remained on retainer however, working alongside the internal HR team to provide support with more complex case work as the need arose, as well as continuing to provide their HR management system through Vero Technology and complete their payroll processing through Vero Pay.

Remaining flexible in their approach to outsourcing HR, Vero HR took on additional activities outside of the scope of their standard arrangement.  The client did not require an upgrade to a full “Vero Team” model but had calls for administrative support on an ad-hoc basis.  Vero HR provides this additional activity to this day under their flexible “Time-Bank” charging model, helping the client get where they need to be, in a way that works for them.

“The team are always available and flexible to meet our needs – and always with a smile!”

 – HR Director

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