Our Approach

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Our approach is built on the principles of…

  • Providing a proactive, employer service, primarily focused on giving line management the confidence and support to address all people issues
  • Becoming highly integrated by developing a relationship with your managers so that they come to us with an issue before it becomes a problem
  • Giving simple, easy-to-follow HR advice and support through a range of tools including our self-help ‘HR Made Simple’ guides, face to face, telephone, video conferencing and email
  • Demonstrating the value we add to your organisation through well-defined deliverables
  • Providing a personalised, accessible service whenever you need it
  • Building on the benefits of modern technology, without losing the value of face-to-face contact
  • Continuously developing our team members to become more effective in their support to you, through daily coaching and regular knowledge sharing activities – including monthly one to ones
  • Providing you with a tailored, affordable service that you recognise as excellent value for money
Photo of Vero office interior

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