Our story so far

Our founders started the business in January 2005 from a laptop, a mobile and a dining room table. The goal was to break into the HR outsourcing market and build a team to deliver the vision. Achieving this required a plan – which was duly developed at a library in Florida, in a town called Vero Beach.

The business’ first break into the outsourcing market came in November 2006 and the appointment of ‘employee number one’ was made. That client is still a client today. One client led to another, and then another, entirely by referral. No marketing, no website, just great clients who referred us on.

We grew, and so did our need for premises. In 2019 we invested in a brand-new office of our own – in a location close to both the UK national road network and 50 minutes by train from London.

In December 2019, as we grew, we wanted to ensure the values and principles which had been at the core of our success so far remained firmly embedded and so we renamed ourselves, Vero HR.

In January 2020, we appointed our Non-Executive Chairman who brings with him a strong strategic investment background and the experience of supporting a business to scale. Our first task was to build a brand – we had the purpose but not a brand. We worked with a team of digital marketing experts to bring our brand to life.

Today, Vero HR covers thousands of employees, operating across a broad range of sectors, providing the full range of HR support services. We have an exceptional track record of success in supporting organisations across the UK and internationally.

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