Building a trusted partner relationship with our client

May 11, 2023

The relationship began in June 2008 following a referral from a shared professional connection.  At that time, the Client had just relocated their operations.  Here, they fell victim of the single-point-of-failure risk as their Office Manager, who also looked after their HR, chose not to relocate, leaving the business with no HR coverage.

After assessing their needs, Vero HR proposed its “Silver” package, which would provide a remote HR administrative service and deliver professional HR advice and onsite support when needed with time spent at each professional level charged under the Vero Time Bank. This is the equivalent of the modern “Vero Team” operating model.

The initial engagement saw Vero undertake vital HR compliance tasks such as an employee file audit and an HR documentation audit (updating of policies, procedures and contract templates) as well as the introduction of robust processes to better manage the HR activity within the business.  The Client’s management team also lacked professional HR support, so Vero HR provided this service to assist with employee relations case work as well as more complex change management activities.

As Vero HR expanded its own added-value service offerings, The client looked to introduce an HR system to better manage some of the HR administrative activity.  The relationship grew here, introducing Vero Technology and onboarding the “Cezanne” platform in July 2018.  As part of the scoping for this, Vero identified that aligning the payroll activity within Vero’s new Vero Pay function would not only improve accuracy and reduce costs, but allow for a better integration between their payroll and HR tech, delivering a much higher user experience for their employees and improved efficiency, data accuracy and security. Vero Pay was onboarded in July 2018.

2020-2021 saw a large increase in activity as the Vero HR team helped navigate the way through Covid-19 and in particular the constant evolution of the “Furlough” scheme.  As an industry significantly affected by lockdowns, the client leaned heavily on advice, guidance documents and support provided by Vero HR through this period, exceeding their standard “Time Bank” hours, but able to increase these on demand to suit their changing requirements.

Following the early part of the pandemic which had transformed the landscape of its business, the client looked to rebuild and Vero HR supported the team with the transition back to the office as well as sourcing and recruiting additional talent through the implementation of the Vero Recruit offering.

In December 2021, the client acquired another UK business and Vero provided the high level, professional HR support first with the TUPE of affected employees and later with the integration of terms and conditions/policies.

Today, the partnership with Vero HR covers 4 retained service offerings of HR, Payroll, Technology and Recruitment, as well as the use of the Vero Legal service on an ad hoc basis.

“Nothing is too much for Vero. They are professional, calm and advise superbly well. I see them as part of our team. They have great people across all functions.”


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