Outsourced HR Services

Vero HR is everything HR. Our range of integrated people services will suit your needs and help your organisation work.

Our flexible, scalable value adding outsourced HR services are designed to integrate with our foundation service – Vero HR – to deliver on all your people services needs. Whether you are looking for longer-term support or HR Consultancy services, we have the solution for you.

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Outsourced HR Services

With over eighteen years’ experience of outsourcing HR for small to large organisations, across a variety of organisational backgrounds both in the private and public sectors, we understand that a “one size” fits all, impersonal call centre delivery model approach can only lead to clients feeling frustrated and disillusioned with the outsourced services they have bought into.

That’s why we offer a range of Vero HR foundation service delivery models to choose from upon which our other value-adding HR solutions, like Vero Pay and Vero Recruit, can be integrated with. We take time to work out with you which Vero HR service delivery model is the right foundation service for you and your budget. But we also know that even when we have helped you decide which Vero HR foundation service is right for you, further tailoring our style and delivery, our documentation, processes and most importantly, involving you in the careful selection of the dedicated HR team who support you, is key to a successful, long term partnership.

Put simply, the success of our service delivery to you we understand will be judged by the experiences you and your management teams have of us, through what we do for you and how we do it.

Every one of our team understands that the hallmark of our service delivery is the personal touch. Every interaction with you, from answering an email to resolving a complex HR issue, leaves a lasting impression of the successfulness of our partnership with you. It’s all about delivering a highly personal service through a team that care, built on a Vero HR foundation platform that is tailored for your organisation.

Interested in learning more about our HR service delivery options? Then click on the HR tab below and feel free to explore the range of additional integrated outsourced people services we offer too.

Integrated External Outsourced HR Services


Providing all your HR Services, everything HR

Vero HR

From admin to advice, support to strategy
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Managing your payroll accurately, and compliantly

Vero Pay

From payroll to pensions, and everything between
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Providing solutions, to your HR technology needs

Vero Technology

From process automation, to systems implementation
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Learning & Development

Enhancing people performance, and delivering development expectations

Vero Learning & Development

From core skills improvement, to leadership development
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Finding the right people, to make your organisation work

Vero Recruit

From applicant sourcing, to helping you hire
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Creating pay and benefit solutions, to attract, reward, retain

Vero Reward

From benchmarking pay, to designing reward schemes
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Offering legal advice and representation, when you need it

Vero Legal

From UK employment law, to international labour law
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Health & Safety

Helping you keep your people, safe and well

Vero Health & Safety

From safety compliance, to employee well-being
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Why outsource your HR function?

Over the years we have helped many organisations through the transition from in house to outsourcing HR services, whether it be full or partial outsourcing. Our experiences of what drives business owners/leaders to consider outsourcing part of or in its entirety their HR function, is summarised below:

Reduced fixed costs

We provide a variety of HR services to suit every size of organisation and budget. Our range of HR service delivery models range from “pay as you go” HR support, when you need it, to lower fixed cost HR models which can be delivered through a combination of on site and/or remote support utilising state of the art technology, providing real opportunities to reduce the overhead costs that come with an in house HR team. Furthermore, our Time Bank feature, embedded in all our delivery models, enables you to flex the need for professional HR support to the demand curve for HR services when its needed, providing a highly efficient solution to ensuring lower overhead costs through the adoption of a more variable overhead approach to delivering HR services. Our outsourced delivery models are intentionally designed to provide a very cost-effective alternative to an in-house resource or team, without compromising on the service provided.

Our outsourcing models also offer a hybrid or partial outsourcing option too. For example, for larger organisations, this option can provide a combination of strategic HR services delivered by a substantially scaled down in house team, complimented by outsourced support for the day to day employment issues. The “partial outsourcing” approach brings your fixed cost base right down, with the confidence that your HR partner has the resources available to support you when needed.

What’s more, “partial” outsourcing means you can only pay for support when you need it, with full transparency of what the outsourced HR team is doing through an intelligent time recording system.

Better HR delivery and alignment of professional behaviour with the organisation’s needs

In our experience, one of the key enablers of efficient HR delivery is the mindset of the HR professionals themselves being aligned to yours as a business owner or leader; their perception of HR and how they deliver it; their receptiveness to improving their service delivery and whether they feel HR is about ‘advising’ or ‘imposing’ their advice on managers. Not all in house HR professionals are aligned in the way you would want them to be. Our team, all adopt the Vero HR brand values and behaviours that are designed to deliver a highly responsive, quality service to every client and are regularly measured against these “brand behaviours” to ensure they are fully aligned with their purpose as HR professionals in the way you would want them to be.

De risking the “the single point of failure” worry

Naturally, where organisations have slimmed down their HR teams or, for smaller organisations that have only one HR resource, the “single point of failure” risk lies in the absence of the HR resource during holiday, sickness absence, maternity and – ultimately – if they leave.

HR outsourcing can de-risk concerns immediately. Access to a wider team resource, ensures that knowledge is spread across more than one team member, who can step in when needed at short notice.

For example, having one payroll resource is a high-risk strategy if the in-house employee were to go sick or leave. Our Vero Pay service ensures that adequate contingency is in place.

Cost effective outsourced HR service access to more experienced resources – when you need it

A key benefit of our delivery models (Vero Partner, Vero Team, and Vero Enterprise) is that they all provide access to more experienced resources under your retainer when you need it. Medium sized organisations often struggle when hiring a single HR professional to get depth and breadth of experience with their available budget. Should they hire an admin resource who can’t deal with the more complex issues, or a more experienced resource – at a premium – who spends much of their time on routine HR administration?

Our HR service models provide the flexibility to utilise resources at different levels when needed, within your fixed retainer fee, giving you “the best of both worlds” in a highly cost-effective way.

Access to a wider range of specialist HR services

The HR skillset is incredibly wide ranging and it’s impossible for an HR professional to be an expert in every area. HR outsourcing gives you access to a wider range of HR skills and expertise, when you need it – from Talent Acquisition Specialists (like our Vero Recruit service) cutting the cost of agency recruitment to Payroll (such as our Vero Pay service).

But it’s the application of technology to your HR processes that can be so vital in delivering major and visible improvement through the implementation of, for example, employee self-service. Having a digital platform at the heart of your HR function really can add value and Vero Technology ensures that systems are configured and implemented quickly and at low cost, making HR technology efficiency available to small to medium sized organisations too offering solutions to managing the basics efficiently, like holiday management.

Outsourcing your HR can therefore provide access to wider resources when you need it. It provides a cost-effective alternative to employing in house specialist resources that are not needed all the time or become preoccupied by other day to day activities, losing the focus over time on the “raison d’être” of their role.

What’s clear from our experience is that organisations explore external HR services for a variety of reasons, some following a more strategic review of their business needs and others as a consequence of a more immediate event such as a resignation or a need to engage professional HR support to deal with an immediate situation. If you would like to discuss how HR services could bring benefits to your organisation then “request a call” below and we will make contact with you to arrange an informal chat.

How can we help you?

HR Services FAQs

All sorts of HR functions can be outsourced. These include, your payroll, learning and development, employee benefit schemes, health and safety, and legal

Vero HR has a knowledgeable and professional HR team on hand to assist with all manner of HR services, tailoring our delivery and processes to suit your business model.

Small and expanding businesses can benefit from outsourcing HR as it can save money and resources. Using outsourced HR services means you can focus on other areas of your business and concentrate on growth. You’ll have the peace of mind that your HR functions and employees are being looked after by experts, with all regulations and legal matters being adhered to.

Yes – at Vero HR, we offer a range of foundation service delivery models which can be combined with other HR services. This allows you to create your own bespoke HR service model, whether you just need one function outsourced or a full comprehensive service. We’ll also work with you to find the best method to deliver your services, to suit your budget and business.  

Yes, we are happy to support any size business. Our current portfolio includes clients from 3 to 3,000 employees. No business is too small to benefit from HR support services. By outsourcing HR in a small business, you get the benefits of a full HR service in a cost-effective way, and we can set a solid foundation for you to build on as your company grows.

We have worked with clients from 3 to 3,000 employees. We have the expertise and resources to support your HR functions even if you’re a large business, ensuring that each individual employee is taken care of.

If you just need support for a one-off project or problem, we can provide expert HR consultancy. Our team will be on hand to assist with specialist or more general HR issues, providing extra support and knowledge to your in-house team. We can work with you to find the right delivery, whether you need more resources at peak time or have an HR issue that requires independent HR support, such as a grievance.

Yes, we can work with you to create bespoke HR documentation required for your business, including, an employee handbook and employee contracts, as well as communications that need to be sent to your staff on your behalf.


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