HR Graduate’s First 3 Months at Vero HR

July 27, 2022

Shareen joined VeroHR in April 2022 as our first HR Graduate. She has been with us for 3 months and we are really pleased with her progress. This is a first of a series of blogs by her in which she will continue to record her journey in HR and keep you all updated.

Mike Kealey

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My First 3 Months at VeroHR

The first 3 months have flown by so quickly, it’s true when they say HR brings new challenges and different tasks to everyday work life. It has been exciting, engaging and especially developmental both knowledge-wise and putting it into practice.

Fulfilling the first-ever role of an HR Graduate for VeroHR set high expectations, and I have thoroughly enjoyed living up to my job role. When I first started, I was ready to take on new challenges and learn new things, having an open mindset really helped me pick up a variety of tasks. I can confidently complete HR admin using modern technology such as Adobe and Cezanne to complete HR tasks as well as manage document management activities. I have also helped to support the delivery of projects working with managers, such as helping to organise several work experience programmes at the Vero office, putting together schedules and managing communication.

Quite recently I have started to help the business with new opportunities including a client satisfaction survey. It has been great to support VeroHR as a whole, only 3 months into the role, so I am very excited to see my growth in the future. The progression, the people and support is always there when you need it and has a huge impact on having a positive work life. This is an important factor I was looking for before joining any company and a key part of why I enjoy working at VeroHR so much. I have eased into life in HR from previously having no HR background, to now waking up every day ready to go to work and build on my career path.

I’m now off to undertake an assignment on a client site for a month which is very exciting. I look forward to keeping you all updated on the next part of my journey in HR in the next blog post to come!


Careers at VeroHR

Work experience can be a valuable opportunity for individuals to gain new skills and insights into their chosen career path. In a recent article, an HR graduate shared their first-hand experience on a client placement, highlighting the importance of taking on new challenges and being adaptable in a work environment. At Vero HR, work experience is also highly valued as part of their recruitment process. We offer a range of opportunities for individuals to gain work experience, from internships to apprenticeships.

We are always looking for graduates and other trainees to join our team here at VeroHR. If you’re interested in kickstarting a career in HR, get in touch.

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