Work Experience at Vero HR

August 16, 2022

Zainab joined us for her work experience this summer after completing her first year of A level studies, spending a week with us learning about the HR function and the role it plays in organisations. This is her own personal account of the experience she gained during the week. It was a real pleasure having Zainab join us and I know we will be keeping in contact!

My Week at Vero HR

My week at VeroHR enriched me with a plethora of learning opportunities, enabling me to gain a deep insight into the various operations and different functional areas at the Vero headquarters. From shadowing the primary functions of HR such as admin (including an insight into international law) to exploring the role of technology, each day of this week has been intriguing and most importantly, invaluable.

I first approached Vero as a sixth form student with limited knowledge about the world of HR, let  alone about the different functions which interlink such as payroll, recruitment and technology. I was able to cultivate my knowledge as I observed the admins at VeroHR utilise technology via advanced programmes such as Cezanne and Adobe in order to accommodate them in HR  activities for their clients ranging from onboarding and offboarding modules to absence management. Shadowing the HR  admins, I was also able to pick up knowledge on vital procedures such as DBS checks, contracts and international law.  Payroll was an area which I was completely new to, I was fascinated by its processes as the payroll advisor demonstrated the major aspects of payroll including producing payrolls from scratch, submitting EPS submissions and creating payslips. I was also given the exciting opportunity to shadow the recruitment team whom with I was able to observe the interview process, CV’s and the role of recruitment including Job Boards. This enabled me to progress in terms of my development and understanding regarding the elements which play a part throughout recruitment. Finally, during my last day of work experience I was introduced to employment tribunals and also the role of technology at Vero. Technology was an area which was completely alien to me prior to this experience, thus this was an exciting learning opportunity through which I was able to learn about the different systems used by Vero and the flexibility they are able to offer to clients, as well as how vital the role of technology is, not only for the team but also for Vero clients within the UK and worldwide.

Ultimately I have without doubt achieved my goal of gaining a thorough and extensive insight and  knowledge into HR – I believe that this was only possible through the welcoming and friendly approach of the team at VeroHR who made me feel comfortable and were keen on teaching and supporting me with each step of this experience. This memorable week marks the beginning of my career path into HR which I will indeed be pursuing after my final year of a levels!

~ Zainab

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