HR services for a business tech start-up

July 10, 2023

Project Summary

A business tech start-up engaged with Vero HR for their professional HR support.  Some of their responsibilities include consultancy, payroll processing, and day-to-day staff management.

Feedback Summary

The internal stakeholders are highly satisfied with the integration of Cezanne, an HR management software.  The team has a clear and concise roadmap, and the client cites their deep industry knowledge and personal approach as their main strengths.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone.  Below is an edited transcript.

Opportunity / Challenge —what challenge were you trying to address with the vendor?

We had no in-house HR expertise and we wanted easy access to knowledgeable HR professionals who could support our growing company.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Initially, Vero assigned an HR Advisor to support the day-to-day management of HR, covering ad hoc queries, reviewing contracts, and implementing the staff handbook.  As our headcount continued to increase, we choose to outsource our payroll to Vero, as well as set up and utilize their recommended HR Software, Cezanne.

We use Vero for several different ongoing areas including:

What is the team composition?

We work with an HR Advisor, payroll manager, and technology consultant.

How did you come to work with the vendor?

Recommendation from another supplier.

Results & Feedback—What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Having gone live with Cezanne, staff data is now stored in a central database where the staff maintains their own details.  This enables a direct flow of information from Cezanne through to our Payroll Manager, this automates the flow of information.  The staff has also been very engaged with the introduction of Cezanne as it has made authorization of annual leave and completion of sickness documentation more efficient.

The ongoing advice around COVID-19 was particularly helpful while we were managing staff during the early stages of lockdown.

How did the vendor perform from a project management standpoint?

The one-off project to set up Cezanne was excellent.  There was a clear plan and expectations for both sides. The project manager was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with us as we collected all the data for upload — Go-live was very straightforward with no issues.

What did you find most impressive about them?

We liked their personal approach.  They always have time for us, and they’re always willing to give us the time we need.

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