What are the benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

April 2, 2024

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a term often used by hiring managers, recruiters, or talent acquisition specialists. But what does this phrase mean, and what benefits can an ATS bring to employers looking to recruit new staff members?


What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a piece of automated software that helps users streamline the end-to-end recruitment process.

Integrating with various job boards, they enable you to manage multiple job applications from different websites in a single, centralised system, simplify candidate communication, and aid in the screening and interview process.

What are the benefits of an Applicant Tracking System?

1. Increase team productivity

Using an ATS, you can post the same job advert to several different job sites in one click, saving employers and hiring managers from time-draining and repetitive tasks.

The URL within those adverts then takes job seekers directly to the ATS to continue with their application, meaning that all submissions are automatically collated within the one system. This, again, minimises time wasted from having to gather lots of information from various sources.

What’s more, the artificial intelligence (AI) functionality within most ATS can aid employers and their talent acquisition teams in writing job adverts, enabling them to get more vacancies live in a shorter time frame.

For those systems that integrate with Outlook, interviews can be scheduled directly from the ATS, without the need to constantly flick back and forth between the separate apps/websites.

2. Strengthen employer brand

Employers utilising an ATS can access content templates for all stages of the hiring process – from the initial job adverts to emails inviting successful candidates to interview.

Having consistent communications with your potential new hires, including both a consistent tone of voice and visual look and feel throughout the process, really helps to strengthen your employer brand and sets a good first impression of the organisation. In turn, lowering candidate dropout rates.

3. Transparency throughout the recruitment process

A good Applicant Tracking System can provide different access for individuals depending on their user level within the software. This is a huge benefit for organisations partnering with an outsourced talent acquisition team to support them with their hiring needs.

For example, Super Users (usually the outsourced talent acquisition team members) have full access to all functionality within the ATS, including the ability to communicate with candidates.

However, lower-access users (usually the HR/People Managers within the hiring organisation), can have ‘View’ access only.

This means that they can still gain a transparent, holistic overview of candidate progression and make internal notes or suggestions to the Super Users – retaining that feeling of ‘control’ – but aren’t able to directly communicate with candidates – ensuring a consistent, single point of contact throughout.

4. Robust GDPR compliance

Ensuring organisational compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is crucial, especially when handling the personal details of numerous candidates.

With an ATS, all personal data captured throughout the recruitment process is stored securely in one central location, in line with the GDPR. The Applicant Tracking System itself must be logged in to using a password, and the digital nature of its data storage means there’s no loose paperwork, spreadsheets, or CVs lying around that could fall into the wrong hands.

This strengthened data protection compliance significantly reduces the risk of a reputational-damaging, and often costly, data breach.

5. Find better-suited applicants, quicker

Candidate sourcing functionality enables users to enter keywords for a role to target individuals who may be a great fit but may not be actively looking for a new job. These ‘passive’ candidates could have recently applied for a similar role, registered their CV with a job board in the past, or simply match the search criteria via their LinkedIn profile.

Not only does this functionality help to cast a wider net of well-suited candidates, therefore increasing the quality of talent available, but also helps to fill vacancies quicker, expanding the number of candidates in the first instance.


If you have a recruitment need, our talent specialists can help. Armed with the best tools, including a leading Applicant Tracking System, they work as an extension of your internal team ensuring you remain in full control of the process throughout. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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