Choosing the Best Outsourced Payroll Provider

April 17, 2023

When it comes to choosing an outsourced payroll provider, you need to establish what service you require as an organisation and what the market offers.  With tangible benefits to be found through payroll outsourcing, from reduced overheads to eliminating the ‘single-point-of-failure’ risk in small business, HR outsourcing services and HR can reduce the burden on your finances and internal resources.

Below, we set out our tips for choosing the best outsourced payroll provider for your organisation.

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Customer Service

What level of interaction do you anticipate having with your provider, are you looking for a hands-off, purely transactional relationship, or an integrated team, working more efficiently as an outsourced agent?

At Vero HR, we pride ourselves on not just giving great service – but giving outstanding service.  That means we give our clients that little bit extra in everything we do. You will have a dedicated payroll expert on hand, with a nominated back-up to provide support and cover when required, so you can rest in the knowledge that your payroll processing won’t fall foul of the single-point-of-failure risk.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can read more about how our clients rate our service here.

Experience Levels

When compiling your list of potential providers, be sure to consider the levels of experience they offer within their team.  Not just how long they have been operating for, but how diverse is the sector experience and can they process payroll in line with International as well as Domestic legislation.

Vero Pay processes around 4,000 payroll transactions every month, covering sectors from manufacturing to financial services and handling all P60, P11D and pension transactions for our clients.

Relevant Qualifications

Don’t be afraid to ask for any payroll accreditations your short-list of suppliers can offer.  Any provider worth considering will have CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) qualified team members, so check that off as a must-have before exploring alternative accreditations that demonstrate high standards.

As well as having CIPP qualified payroll assistants, Vero Pay is a Bacs Approved Bureau, having passed Bacs’ stringent audit requirements to give you peace of mind that our payroll service meets the highest standards for payroll processing.

Talk Tech!

It’s important to consider how much integration you will need between your payroll provider, the software they use and any HR systems you use for providing payroll documents such as pay slips and other pay related documentation.

With Vero Pay, we will integrate our payroll software with any existing HR software you may use, but it might also be time to look at fully integrated HR software that complements your payroll processing.  As part of the Vero Pay service, we can introduce you to our Vero Tech experts, who are on-hand to discuss suitable platforms for integrating all your HR software applications into a single, self-service solution.

The Back-end Capabilities

Although the administration and processing will be taken out of your organisation when outsourcing payroll, it is likely that you will continue to need payroll data for other business management processes.

Discuss what reporting and system access options are available to you from your potential providers.  Can they provide you with bespoke reports or do they only have “off-the-shelf” reporting capabilities?

It’s also important to understand what the process and timescales are for transitioning your payroll across to the new provider.  With Vero Pay, you are given a dedicated point of contact to manage your project from the initial stages through the implementation, and they will work alongside your dedicated Payroll Assistants to ensure a seamless transition.

Right Fit

All too often forgotten when outsourcing business solutions is getting the right ‘Cultural-Fit’ for your organisation.  At Vero HR we aim to become a Trusted Partner for our clients, integrating their needs with our professional values and always delivering outstanding customer service.


If your company is looking for outsourced payroll support, Vero HR can help. We can provide you with dedicated Payroll services to effectively manage your workforce and assist with your HR requirements. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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