Vero HR's Outsourced HR Services Complement a Law Firm's Service Offering

Vero HR has first-hand experience through their existing law firm partnerships of how their experience and skill set can provide complementary support to assist employment law firms advising their clients on employment law matters which have the potential to become, litigious. Vero HR recognises that as issues become litigious, these matters are best dealt with, by employment lawyers.

Given Vero HR’s core competence lies in the field of operational “employee relations” matters (such as redundancies, disciplinaries, capability issues, grievances, appeals, TUPE, acquisitions, discrimination allegations and more), there is a natural fit between the employment services both employment law firms and Vero HR provide.

This “complementary fit” is further strengthened with Vero HR’s service ethos. Vero HR understands the concerns of the law firm’s client and has the capacity to resource operational HR needs with high quality, employee relations experienced professionals at HR Director, Manager, Advisor and Assistant levels, depending on the complexity of the assignment. All Vero HR’s team are employed, and team member capabilities/style clearly known, unlike a network of franchised HR professionals or self-employed HR consultants who are not always available when needed. Vero HR has proven UK wide reach and multiple sector experience including working in a Trade Union recognised environment, across both public and private sectors.

Vero HR can support all sizes of firms by providing the flexibility to access additional resources when needed, given that demand in the field of employee relations is unpredictable and often requires an “emergency” type response or when an “independent” support role is needed to chair for example, a grievance.

Whilst the range of HR solutions provided by Vero HR would focus on “employee relations” support for clients of legal partners which could give rise to litigation, non-contentious HR project work can also be provided, within the skillsets of Vero’s HR team.

The key to a successful Vero HR partnership would be a commitment to the legal partner to be completely aligned with their own client approach. Legal services would be clearly defined as part of a commercial partnership. Whilst there are some potential areas of overlap, clear demarcation lines, will be established and respected by Vero HR.

Vero HR Diagram

An HR partner can complement a law firm, providing practical (on client site or remote) support to the legal partner’s client.

Employee relations support activities which could be provided by Vero HR include:

  • Supporting at disciplinary/dismissal hearings
  • Managing redundancy programmes including attending one to one meetings
  • Acting as independent investigators of disciplinary and grievance matters
  • Chairing grievances relating to bullying and harassment allegations
  • Chairing or supporting at grievance hearings
  • Providing note taking services
  • Undertaking/supporting on protected conversations
  • Drafting outcome letters

The legal services Vero HR would not undertake and therefore would be undertaken by the legal partner include:

  • Providing overall case management services and advice to the legal partner’s client
  • Preparing settlement agreements
  • Tribunal management/representation

Services which could potentially be provided by either party would be determined by the legal partner. This could provide the opportunity for low value work to be authorised by the legal partner for Vero HR to undertake, such as drafting employee handbooks.

A Vero HR partnership can deliver real benefits to the law firms value proposition including:

  • The ability to offer an enhanced, integrated service to the legal partner’s clients combining the benefits of legal support and “on the ground” operational HR assistance when needed, without the risk of a conflict of interest arising for the law firm
  • The potential to “outsource” some activities better suited to an HR professional, in the knowledge that such work is being undertaken by an HR partner organisation who respects the relationship.
  • The ability to provide the legal partner’s clients with a more affordable solution.
  • A cost effective, lower hourly rate option providing the opportunity to undercut competitors and gain more business.
  • The commercial opportunity for work being referred by Vero HR from its own client base.

The benefits of the service model to the legal partner’s client would be:

  • Peace of mind that an integrated approach to supporting them with their employee relations issues is available, combining the best of both worlds of high-quality legal support and high quality experienced “on the ground” HR support.
  • A cost-effective model that keeps their litigation costs down.
  • The benefit of high quality, professional HR experience deployed at an early stage thereby reducing the chances of claims arising.

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