Work Experience at Vero HR

July 24, 2023

After a week of work experience at Vero HR, I can confidently say I now have a wealth of knowledge into how different sectors within the business work together to help the company function. I gained an insight into plenty of tasks carried out by the team, and why their role is so impactful on making the company successful.

Finishing my first year of A levels I was still uncertain with what I wanted to do as I career, therefore I was excited for my week at Vero as I had very minimal knowledge about all the different roles within HR and if it could be a possible career path I could explore.

Table of Contents

My first day

I was nervous going into the office on my first day, however the team were extremely friendly and greeted me into their workplace, which made me feel comfortable and welcomed.
I started my week with the recruitment team who went over the procedure on how they aid their clients recruit employees for their company. It was really fascinating to see the process that goes on within recruitment, and the wide range of jobs that they recruit for.

What makes a business run?

Next, I spoke with the HR team which was very insightful as I had little to no knowledge of what they did. They were very keen on going through the type of jobs they carry out, from dealing with grievances, to managing absences.

Furthermore, I met with the finance team who were extremely passionate about what they do and taking consideration into my future career plans, giving me guidance on how to get there.

When it comes to technology, I am hopeless, so it was extremely useful to hear about the Technology team and their role. They spoke about the various software that they set up to be able to offer to their clients worldwide, which was interesting.

I was also able to speak with Marketing, Health & Safety and Payroll, and even though we had limited time, they all filled me with an abundance of knowledge about the assignments they undertake and how it is vital for the company to succeed.

To cap off the week I also got an opportunity to experience a client’s mobilisation meeting, it was amazing to see how each sector updates one another with the tasks they are set to complete and was further impressed how anybody in the team is able to communicate with the MD with ease, as he was visible as he sits with everyone else instead of having his own office, and is extremely approachable.

What have I gained from my experience?

Lastly, I would like to pose the question ‘What have I gained from my experience at Vero HR?’  For me I was unsure what I was expecting to achieve from my work experience, but I can certainly say I have gained knowledge that I had not possessed before. Due to the friendly energy I received when first stepping through the doors at Vero, coming into an office for the first time and unsure what to expect, everyone being so welcoming and keen to teach me their role, allowed me to settle in quickly.

Thank you

I would like to finally say thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to give me an insight into their job and providing me with knowledge that I didn’t have before has really veered me into the right direction for deciding where I want to go with my career.

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