Why HR consulting is important for businesses

May 13, 2024

Businesses will constantly face an array of challenges when it comes to HR matters, from talent acquisition and retention to legal compliance and organisational development. The role of HR is paramount to effectively managing these issues and shaping the ongoing success of the business.

However, many organisations do not have the resources necessary to properly navigate and manage these challenges. That’s where HR consultancy comes into play. HR consultancy is a crucial asset for all kinds of businesses, offering expert knowledge, experience, and insight to resolve issues and implement strategies.

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What is HR consultancy?

An HR consultant can support a business in a myriad of ways, by providing advice, guidance, and practical support across all kinds of HR matters. Typically, HR consultancy will be used for one-off support when an in-house HR team doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage a project or problem. HR consultants can dedicate resources to a project, bringing expert knowledge and a wealth of experience to achieve company goals.

Why HR consulting is important

There are many reasons why HR consulting is important for businesses.

Provides expert knowledge

One of the main reasons why it’s important for businesses to engage with HR consultants is that they have specific HR expertise. This can be instrumental in many areas of a business, for example, in matters around employment law. Professional HR consultants will be up to date with the latest developments in employment law and regulations. This means that they can ensure your business stays compliant, protecting both the company and its employees.

The expertise of HR consultants is also helpful when it comes to designing and implementing policies in the business. They will be able to create effective strategies for your business, identifying where there might be gaps and ensuring business goals can be achieved with a stable and engaged workforce.

Provides an objective third party perspective

Often, HR will cover sensitive issues. Sometimes there may be a need for conflict resolution and grievance management. An HR consultant will be unbiased, helping to support the issue with professionalism and, crucially, confidentiality. Using HR consultancy to deal with these kinds of matters means both the organisation and employee will know the problem is being handled in the fairest way, all while keeping in line with employment law.

Working with an objective HR consultant can also help with performance management. They will be able to create an unbiased performance review system that helps to recognise and reward hardworking employees and identify those needing more support.

Offers flexibility

Another reason why HR consultancy is important for businesses is that it offers organisations a degree of flexibility when it comes to HR. A company’s HR needs will peak and trough; HR consultancy enables an organisation to keep up with what’s required. For example, during growth periods a company might use HR consultancy for expert recruitment that they might no longer need during quieter times. A small business might find it requires HR consultancy to design and implement policies after a period of growth and high recruitment, to better manage a larger workforce.

Overall, HR consultancy allows a business to scale its HR functions as required. It can increase or decrease whenever needed, without ever paying for services that aren’t necessary at the time.

Delivers efficient services

HR consultancy is important for businesses because it provides an efficient solution to HR needs. Some companies might already have an in-house HR team, but they may already be at capacity with day-to-day responsibilities. This means that they won’t have the resources available when it comes to larger, ad-hoc projects or problems. Some HR teams might not have the specialist knowledge for more complex projects, and whilst they might be able to learn, it might not be the best use of resources for a one-off venture.

So, HR consultancy can help to negate these issues. An HR consultant can dedicate time to a project while your in-house HR team focus on their usual responsibilities, meaning no one will be spread too thin or working inefficiently. An HR consultant will also have the necessary knowledge to deal with more complex matters, so you’ll know the best people will be on the job without wasting resources.

A cost effective solution

Often, utilising HR consultancy boosts cost-efficiency. For ad-hoc matters, it might not be the best solution to hire another in-house HR professional who may only be required for a short-term period. Instead, using HR consultancy means the project will be efficiently managed without paying for unnecessary additional overheads.

HR consultants will also be able to provide guidance on streamlined approaches to HR responsibilities. This could be around using HR technology and automation or could be around improving the policies and procedures you have in place. Either way, they will often be able to offer cost-saving solutions for a business.

Finally, HR consultancy can help improve business compliance in a number of areas, minimising the business’ risk of making costly mistakes and potentially facing legal issues.

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