What HR Activities Should Be Outsourced for Accuracy, Compliance and Efficiency?

October 30, 2023

There are many HR activities that should be outsourced if your business is looking to improve its accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Whether you have a small HR team that’s currently overloaded, or you don’t have a dedicated HR function at all, below are just some HR activities that should be outsourced to help streamline your business.

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If there’s one thing everyone who works for your business can agree on, it’s that it’s vital that the payroll is done correctly. Many problems can arise when you attempt to do payroll in-house – it can be a complex process with various legal and tax implications that can differ from employee to employee, plus ad-hoc requirements such as sick pay and medical leave. Unfortunately, it’s something that can be all too easy to get wrong if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or even time to dedicate to the task.

So, outsourced payroll services can be a huge benefit. Using an outsourcing HR company such as Vero HR leaves the payroll in the hands of the experts. We provide a fully managed payroll service, including the processing of payroll and managing pensions.

With Vero HR, we provide you with a dedicated Payroll professional who will be on hand should your employees need to make any queries. This frees up your finance team and relieves them of a time-consuming task.

Vero HR has HMRC Agent status and is a BACS Approved Bureau, so you’ll have peace of mind that we meet the highest standards for payroll processing.

HR Documents

There are numerous HR documents that a business needs to stay compliant with laws and regulations. This can include employee contracts, letters related to HR matters, as well as employee handbooks and HR policies. When staff already have a high workload, the creation, production and distribution of relevant HR documents can fall behind, with mistakes and delays.

Using an outsourcing HR company to assist with producing your HR documents can therefore be a benefit to both the employees and the business itself. Expert HR professionals, like the team at Vero HR, have specific knowledge of what needs to be included in your HR documents.

By providing you with a dedicated HR professional, we also have the time needed to commit to the task, meaning we can help to create accurate and compliant documents. We can help to protect the reputation of your business and at the same time, protect your employees’ rights and make their responsibilities clear.

Legal Matters

Employment law can be complex and it’s vital that a business is compliant across the board. This will protect the business and the employees. Outsourcing employment law services will mean you can access a dedicated HR professional who can guide you through your employment legal needs.

At Vero HR, we can help with every aspect of employment law, from early conciliation management to employment tribunal case management. We offer advice and guidance to help you and your business through the entire process, and can connect you with our prequalified network of UK and international legal partners.

We can also give you regular updates on employment law, so you can remain in compliance even when laws and regulations change and develop. You’ll have full reassurance that your business will meet all the requirements and stay legally compliant.

Health & Safety

Your business will have a minimum responsibility around health and safety, requiring you to create and maintain a safe working environment. If not done correctly, it can have a huge impact on your business and on the workforce. Monitoring health and safety can also be a time-consuming task, with things like risk assessments being complicated but also vital to get right.

Navigating health and safety in your business requires a specialist with the required knowledge and expertise. So, outsourcing your health and safety services can be the perfect solution to ensuring your business complies.

At Vero HR, our health and safety specialists can assist with all your health and safety business needs. This includes everything from ensuring the working environment is safe and compliant, to providing health and safety training for management, to connecting you with our Occupational Health service provider and employee wellbeing schemes.

Outsourcing your business health and safety needs means you can go so much further than simply adhering to basic health and safety regulations. You can ensure your workforce is safe, healthy, and able to work comfortably across the board.

Technology Solutions

Using technology for your HR functions can be a huge help in keeping your business accurate, compliant, and working efficiently. Using an HR outsourcing company to provide HR technology solutions means you can capitalise from a wealth of expertise, with efficient services designed alongside HR professionals.

At Vero HR, we can configure, deploy, and develop cloud-based, cost-effective tech solutions for your HR functions. This includes automating processes, day-to-day system enhancements, and end-user support. Overall, we can help to streamline your HR services, giving individuals the freedom and flexibility to access what they need online, and freeing up the time of your HR team and also of line managers. We can also customise our services to what you need, including optional models such as performance management and time management.

Expert HR Outsourcing with Vero HR

If your company needs HR support, Vero HR can help. We can provide you with expert HR outsourcing to effectively manage your workforce. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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