HR Graduate: The next phase of my career with Vero HR

March 28, 2023

Onto the next phase of her career, our HR Graduate Shareen has been promoted into a new position as HR Compliance Coordinator. Shareen will be responsible for ensuring all documentation held on our digital platforms are up to date and in place for all our clients. We are excited for Shareen to develop onto the next stage of her journey here with us at Vero HR, we are looking forward to seeing her continue to grow and immerse herself into the world of HR.

Mike Kealey – Managing Director

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Returning from my secondment

After my most recent secondment from working on a client site, I was finally back to the Vero HR head office. It was lovely to see all my colleagues and felt pleasant being back at my own desk. The managing director of the client site sent me a “Thank you for all your hard work” card which was really appreciated.

A lot had changed since being away, the biggest change for me was having gained all this new knowledge from experiencing HR meetings first hand.  I felt 100% more confident when working with my own new clients and eager to sink my teeth into my own projects.

The next phase in my career

A few weeks into being back at the head office, I was called into a meeting with Mike and Shirley which I was keen to find out what it was about! They both had recognised my hard work and promoted me into my new role as HR Compliance Coordinator. It sounded like a really fancy job title, so I felt extremely thankful to be starting the next chapter of my career with the Vero family. Every time we get a visitor on site Mike does a drum roll build up for me to announce my job title, I know it’s coming every time! It’s great how much emphasis Mike places on my job title, it really makes me feel valued in my new position and showcases the importance of my responsibilities within the team.

Increased responsibility and accountability

Since being promoted I have had a variety of new tasks some of which have really helped me grow and pushed me to use my initiative. The importance of the role is really shown through having the opportunity to lead our client project plan meetings every week, this gives everyone the chance to get together and update on how the HR documentation is coming along when onboarding our new clients. The number of clients is quickly growing as is the speed of work and keeping up to date with providing each client the right documentation.


Collaboration has been huge for me enabling me to work with different members of the Vero team throughout my role. So far, I have worked with Technology, Recruitment, Marketing and of course HR.  The new role gives me the access to a broad range of departments where I can get stuck into doing new things. For example with the technology team I have been able to create formhub forms for Cezanne, and with the marketing team I have been able to produce lots of surveys on employee engagement and satisfaction as well as mental health surveys via Survey Monkey.

In addition, I have been able to work closely with the HR team advisors, but also the management and directors. It feels great to be able to work directly with such intelligent members of our team to be able to put new documentation into place like the handbook & contracts for our clients. It’s always really interesting to see how documentation varies for each client covering different policies, the best one I have come across so far is clients offering “duvet days” which you can never say no too! Overall, being able to be part of the process from start to finish when onboarding new clients has been a really valuable experience.

Celebrating Success

It was amazing being part of the annual team party this year, it was full of celebrations of how far Vero HR has grown and development plans for the coming years. It was so lovely being able to see all of our colleagues together in one room including the ones who work on client sites and of course all the new additions to the Vero team! We had lots of pictures, food, and laughter to celebrate the last year and look forward to what’s ahead.

I look forward to keeping you updated along my journey with Vero HR in the next blog post to come!

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