How Digitising HR Can Help with Hybrid Working

May 31, 2022

The working landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years. After lockdowns forced businesses to adapt to remote working, many companies have now implemented a hybrid model, with employees splitting their time between the office and working from home.

With this move to hybrid working, HR teams have also had to alter their methods. Even before the pandemic, we were seeing how paper and manual processes were causing a strain on HR teams, causing mistakes and inconsistencies, and increasing the workload. Now, it’s clear that cloud-based HR technology can not only streamline processes but also ensure a successful move to hybrid working.

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Manage remote teams

Digitising HR is essential to managing remote teams. When processes are moved online, employees can continue to make holiday requests, check payslips, and update their details without needing to be in the office. Managers too can benefit, with the automation of certain processes as well as the digitisation of holiday approval and recording and performance management. This can all help employees to better manage their time and means that people can instantly take care of their HR matters wherever they’re working.

Vero’s cloud-based HR technology is highly customisable, so it can be tailored to your exact needs to best manage your remote teams, including payroll solutions and recruitment support.

Data security

When employees work at the office and at home, the last thing a business will want is people travelling between the two with paper documents that hold confidential employee information. When employees take confidential paper documents from the office, there is always a risk that they will be left on public transport, fall out of a bag, or be picked up by the wrong people, resulting in a data breach. It might be that a company’s solution to reduce this type of risk is to prevent HR teams from having the option to work from home, instead requiring them to always work in the office. But as employees now expect some level of hybrid working, this type of policy can cause problems when it comes to employee retention and recruitment.

The solution then, is to use digital HR tools. With these, the same information that might be held in filing cabinets in the office can be safely stored on the cloud. This can then be securely accessed by the relevant employees whether they’re working at home or in the office. This means that staff will never have to travel with confidential employee documents and risk a data breach and also means that all employees will have the benefit of hybrid working. It also means that remote workers will always be able to access their own records, whether they’re working in the office at home, without having to transport confidential documents.

Vero’s digital HR system is built on a secure platform that is rigorously tested for both speed and security, using third-party penetration testing. With Vero, you can rest assured that your employee’s data will always be kept safe.

Simplify and automate HR processes

Cloud-based HR technology can automate many tasks that previously your HR team would have to conduct manually. It can remove the need for employees to sift through reams of data, preventing human error, logistical problems, and an increased workload. This also means that your HR team will have time to focus on other issues that require a personal touch and that the pandemic has shown to require more care – like company culture, employee retention and onboarding new employees.

Digital HR tools can also help to simplify processes when working with a remote team, for example, drafting, approving, and sending communications company-wide in a short space of time. Communicating between leadership and the employees is further simplified by using technology with the option for recipients to confirm their acceptance or raise a query if required.

Vero HR has seen through the pandemic exactly how digitising HR can make workflows much more efficient and save teams a lot of time, especially during unprecedented situations.

Business continuity

Digitising HR makes the continuity of work much simpler. The pandemic has highlighted the problems that can occur when HR teams are working from paper documents and spreadsheets, particularly when a team member must suddenly take time off sick. It can be difficult for someone else to pick up where that employee left off. But with digital HR tools and automated processes, there will be a clearly defined working procedure that can be picked up more intuitively.

With Vero’s HR tools, we offer ongoing customer support. So, if an employee has to suddenly take time off or if you need an urgent handover for new staff, we can ensure the successful continuation of your working practices.

Vero HR provides a range of integrated people services tailored to your needs, helping your business to work more efficiently whether your team are in the office or working from home. Contact us to find out more. 

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