There’s never been a better time to outsource HR

Outsourcing HR delivers cost savings as well as better service delivery – because outsourcing is all about service delivery

HR outsourcing provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced fixed costs
    HR outsourcing options are available to suit every size of organisation and budget. Our HR service delivery models provide a range of options to meet your needs, from “pay as you go” HR support when you need it, to fixed-cost HR outsourcing models delivered onsite.

  • Behaviour and decision-making style focused on you as a client
    Efficient HR delivery is often about the mindset of the HR professionals themselves; their receptiveness to changing delivery perceptions and whether HR is about ‘advising’ or ‘imposing’ on managers.

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  • No “single point of failure”
    Where organisations have slimmed down HR teams or have only one HR resource, there is significant risk during absence: holiday, sickness absence, maternity and – ultimately – if they leave. HR outsourcing de-risks this concern immediately.

  • Outsourcing for any size of organisation
    Our proven delivery models from Vero Partner (designed to support small businesses) to Vero Team and Vero Enterprise provide comprehensive HR outsourcing support.

  • The best of both worlds
    Benefit from complete depth and breadth of experience within your available budget: from Talent Acquisition to Payroll through to employee self-service platforms.

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Our Services

Vero HR is everything HR. Our range of integrated people services will suit your needs and help your organisation work.

Our flexible, scalable value adding services are designed to integrate with our foundation service – Vero HR – to deliver on all your people services needs.

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